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Learning art is not about wanting to be a fine artist but it is for your perspective future. Art is present in every aspect of our lives. We see it in photography, nature, media, industry and much more… It is limitless and daily surrounds us. Simply learning how to draw, based on your talents, can immensely diversify your future.

學畫畫不單單是將來成為一位畫家 , 有了美術的基礎 , 对小朋友的未來有無限展望 , 放眼望去在我們生活中的各行各業 , 從微小的迴紋針到巨大的摩天大樓 ,  從無形的電腦軟件到有形的太空站 , 商業美術設計無所不在 , 讓我一個從美術老師在LA轉业經營廣告設計公司二十年的經驗分享給小朋友 , 漫畫 動漫 插畫 素描 速寫 水彩 油畫 囯畫 書法 尤其是電腦設計作品超過三千件以上 .  家長們 , 鼓勵你的小朋友先參加學校的 poster design, year book cover design, 讓我幫助她/他們爭取好成績 , 因而建立了自信心 .

 Board Member of City La Habra Gallery

Award Winning 2017 from US Congrassman.

Annually Charity Art Exhibition for Students every year of October 

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